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Who will host ICC T20 World Cup 2018? Is Pakistan the Best Host for T20 World Cup 2018

Hosting any ICC event is always a great chance for any major cricketing country however hosting ICC T20 World Cup 2018 or any cricket event is not an easy task. There is always a lot of bidding involved for T20 World Cup event because this event is monitored by high standards of ICC. T20 World Cup 2018 Host Nation

Who will host ICC T20 World Cup 2018

2016 T20 World Cup is hosted by India and other nations are now looking to bid for this upcoming challenge. It would be a great chance for countries to host the event since the bidding has not yet started. Going by the previous bidding timings, generally ICC hosts the bidding a year before the event. So going by the previous patterns, ICC 2018 T20 world cup event bidding and decision will be done in Jan 2017.

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Pakistan Looking to Host T20 World Cup 2018

Pakistan is quite desperate to become T20 World Cup 2018 host as it has been more than 10 years since Pakistan has hosted any ICC event.  Earlier Pakistan has hosted 1996 World Cup event jointly with Sri Lanka and India. It was the last time since the event was ever hosted. Pakistan has not hosted any major event yet because of various terrorist activities ongoing in the country. It would be a great chance for the country to host the event.

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Hosting 2018 T20 World Cup

It would be a great chance for any nation to get the 2018 T20 world cup host nation. According to latest news, Pakistan is looking ahead to host ICC T20 World Cup 2018. There is nothing much clear or official about who will host T20 World Cup 2018? I am sure you must be wondering where is T20 World Cup 2018? But there isn’t anything clear about which country will be chosen as T20 World Cup 2018 host nation.


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